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Joint efforts of Protect Sierra Madre and Preserve Sierra Madre

    Dear Concerned Residents,

    We are contacting you because you signed our petition in support of Measure HR and/or the Referendum to overturn City Council’s decision to approve the Meadows Housing Project (Ordinance 1461).  We thank you for taking these actions to keep Sierra Madre the town it is, where we all have equal property rights.

    As you may already be aware, the Referendum, with over 1100 qualified signatures, was verified by the County and officially certified by City Council.  Five days before Christmas, the developer, New Urban West, submitted an application for another housing project, marginally bigger than the first one but without a park and some funds as concessions.  The City responded by asking us to withdraw the referendum and requesting negotiations.  After failing to offer anything substantial that would allow us to do withdraw the referendum while still honoring your voice, the City set the election date requested by the developer for May 9th.

    We are still here despite the developer’s scare tactics and misinformation as well as on-going attempts by the City and Mtn Views News to misrepresent the group’s efforts and position and favor the developer.   Why are we still here?   Because the character of Sierra Madre is at stake.  Because the Meadows housing project doesn’t belong in Sierra Madre.  Because the City has ignored citizen input and denied us a voice at the table.  Because the project destroys over 100 mature trees, a hillside meadow and wildlife habitat.  Because the project is being built in a very high hazard fire zone.  Because the project ignores the current 22 year drought – the worse in over 1000 years.   Because this sets a dangerous precedent for future housing.  Because the Project establishes special zoning  and does not conform to our General Plan.   Because Sierra Madre does not deserve this.   

    We will continue to keep you informed as the election approaches and ask that you continue to partner with us going forward and thank you for being an important part of our community. 

    Sierra Madre is worth fighting for!

    Please Vote NO on REFERENDUM OF CITY COUNCIL ORDINANCE NO. 1461.  That means you are voting NO on the Meadows project.