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We Oppose 42 Homes, or 50. Vote No on M.

    Vote by mail ballots are being delivered to you and it’s important to vote early and vote No on Measure M in Sierra Madre, CA.

    The developer wants to build 42 houses that average 3,500 square feet, including houses as large as 3,775 square feet on 7,800 square-foot lots. That’s outrageous.

    We don’t accept 42 houses, and we definitely won’t accept 50.

    There is an argument from the opposition that if voters don’t approve 42 houses, the developer will build 50 houses, but a vetted and approved plan for 50 houses does not exist—it’s a ploy to distract and deceive you.

    We are committed to opposing any plan that allows a developer to build oversized houses on small lots, whether 42 or 50.

    We believe developers must adhere to our General Plan and residential zoning rules that have been put in place to maintain Sierra Madre as the wonderful town we know and love.

    To abide by the General Plan and current zoning rules, there can be no more than 20 houses averaging 3,500 square feet on the 9.2 acres where “The Meadows” developer plans to build 42. That’s how bloated this project is!

    Please ignore their threats. Just because a developer has steamrolled our city officials doesn’t mean they can bulldoze our town.

    Please vote NO on Measure M.


    Protect Sierra Madre, Stop the Housing Project, No on M Committee

    No on Measure M Sierra Madre, CA. Would you like to support our mission? Visit our GoFundMe or volunteer here. Preserving our town depends on neighbors like you.