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Donate now to help our community fight to preserve Sierra Madre’s green space.

This GoFundMe page supports our initiative through our Political Action Committee (PAC).

Since our initiative will be a ballot measure, all expenses that in any way deal with the initiative and election must now come from PAC funds. We need to raise funds for legal responses to misinformation from the City, the Monastery, the Developer and the Developer’s sponsored “Friends” committee and to stop any action to prevent the citizens from voting. We also need funds for advertising, to inform the voters of the importance of voting for the Initiative Measure.

Thanks to the 1,300 Certified Sierra Madre voters who signed our Petition, our Initiative to rezone the “Monastery” property to Hillside Zone will be on the November ballot. It will allow a less impactful development, on large lots, with more protection of our environment and our Sierra Madre values.

Thanks too to all the donations, large and small, that got us to this point!

Our new PAC GoFundMe will get us to the finish line!

There will be transparency; all funds raised will go directly to the PAC bank account, with donations and expenditures reported to the City, as required by election law

With donations of less than $100 (total per person, per year) , the donation is reported to the City as “unitemized”, without your name. For donations $100 or more (total per person, per year), your name, address, occupation and employer (or “retired) must be provided to the PAC. You can still donate anonymously on GoFundMe if you prefer and send the information to us privately.

You may mail a check donation to our Treasurer Sherry Wheelock, 436 Grove Avenue, Sierra Madre CA 91024. Please make checks payable to “Protect Sierra Madre.” Donations are NOT tax deductible.

Or click the GoFundMe button.

If you have made a donation in the past two months (even as anonymous) to the original GoFundMe and would prefer it be used by the PAC to fund its expenses, please contact us with the amount you donated and the required information.

If you have any questions please also contact us and we will get the answer for you.

We appreciate all your help – we WILL stop the oversized housing project and Protect Sierra Madre!