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We need to raise funds to pay the public relations firm we hired to help us with advertising, social media, canvassing, etc to inform the voters of the need to vote NO on MEASURE M on May 9.  We also need funds for legal expenses to respond to the misinformation from the City, the Monastery, the Developer and the Developer’s sponsored “Friends” committee and to stop any action to prevent the citizens from voting. 

Please take time to send us a donation.  Donations are NOT tax deductible.

You may mail your donation payable to Protect Sierra Madre, c/o Sherry Wheelock, PAC Treasurer, 436 Grove Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA, 91024.  

OR use the Protect Sierra Madre Political Action Committee go-fund-me site (the donation button). Sherry Wheelock will send you a thank you email and ask for the information below.

Important note: For both checks and the go-fund-me donations, please include your address, occupation and employer (or retired) with the check. This information is necessary for producing the PAC’s financial reports. There will be transparency; all funds raised will go directly to the PAC bank account, with donations and expenditures reported to the City of Sierra Madre as required by election law. For donations $100 and over, your name will be on the report. 

Your information will NOT be used for any other purpose. 

We appreciate all your help – the Citizens who love Sierra Madre WILL stop the oversized housing project and Protect Sierra Madre!   Vote NO on Measure M.

Donate now to help our community fight to preserve Sierra Madre’s green space.