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Strike back to save Sierra Madre from overdevelopment!

Action 1

Sign the new petition to overturn the City Council’s approval of “The Meadows” on the 2023 ballot

Why? City Council rushed this project through their review process and voted in favor of “The Meadows” before citizens had the right to vote in November on Measure HR. They denied the citizens of Sierra Madre the right to be heard. 

Contact Us and we will bring you a petition to sign.

Action 2

Vote YES on Measure HR

Remember the petition we signed in spring 2022 for the initiative to change Mater Dolorosa to Hillside Zoning from institutional zoning?

It’s on the ballot November 8 as Measure HR.

Why vote YES? A yes vote will change the zoning at the Mater Dolorosa property from Institutional Zoning to Hillside Zoning. Passing this measure is imperative to prevent ANY institutional or large residential development now or in the future, should the Archdiocese of Chicago or any other owner decide to sell the Retreat Center’s remaining land. That parcel is the only large piece of land abutting the San Gabriel mountains that is not zoned Hillside.