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What does it mean to Vote No on Measure M on May 9?

A No vote on Measure M overturns the Sierra Madre City Council’s approval of Ordinance 1461, which allows the construction of a massive tract housing project of 42 McMansions called “The Meadows at Bailey Canyon.”

Who are we?

Welcome to No on Measure M. This site is created and funded by your neighbors here in Sierra Madre. We are not backed by a property development company, as our opponents are. Funding for our site and mailers comes from neighbors like you who contribute to our GoFundMe page. Unpaid neighborhood volunteers operate this site. We are working together to preserve and protect our beloved Sierra Madre by stopping hillside mcmansion development. No on M is supported by Protect Sierra Madre and Preserve Sierra Madre, an advocacy coalition of Sierra Madre residents dedicated to preserving the unique and eclectic character of our village in the Foothills.

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I heard that we had to choose between 42 or 50 mcmansions. Is this true?

One big piece of misinformation being pushed by the Santa Monica developer and their supporters is that there are two projects on the table. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The only project that has been reviewed and approved by City Council is the 42-house project that we are voting NO on. The same developer has put in a pre-application to the city for a 50-house project as a way to bully the city and its residents with an even worse project. That pre-application doesn’t conform to state laws or our city’s residential building rules. Who knows what the developer will actually submit, if anything, when we defeat the Meadows project. Remember, the current 42 house proposal goes against our City General Plan, which does not allow a development of this size.

Why Vote No?

The project would be built into the hillside adjacent to Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park, destroying the natural slope of the land and the tranquility of the surrounding communities.

If approved, The Meadows will be the largest tract housing project ever built in Sierra Madre and does not conform to our residential zoning ordinance or the general plan developed by city residents to reflect our values regarding our neighborhoods and environment.

Instead of abiding by the rules that apply to the rest of us, an exclusive “Special Plan” governs the project. Thus, the developer can pack large, multimillion-dollar houses on small lots that are not affordable for most families.

Measure M is bad for our environment: The Meadows would destroy the habitats of deer and other native animals while cutting down more than 100 trees, including ancient oak trees onsite and in adjacent Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park.

Measure M will allow this project to be built in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, Cal Fire’s highest severity designation. We do not need increased fire danger in Sierra Madre.

Measure M  will increase traffic dramatically in the surrounding area where sidewalks are rare—endangering residents.

Measure M will impact our water supply with more demand during a drought, raising concerns and possibly raising rates.

Measure M  sets a dangerous precedent for future development.

Measure M arose from the Sierra Madre City Council ignoring the concerns raised by residents over the past two+ years.

• A No vote on Measure M Sierra Madre will stop construction of “The Meadows”: a subdivision of 42 oversized, multimillion-dollar McMansions on Passionist Retreat Center land.

• “The Meadows” doesn’t conform to our General Plan or R1 Residential zoning, sets a dangerous precedent for future developments, and doesn’t follow the zoning rules that all other residents of Sierra Madre must follow.  

• “The Meadows” destroys the meadow and wildlife habitat, removes every existing tree on the 17 acres, markedly increases traffic and fire risk, and will look nothing like the adjacent neighborhoods.

• The City and developer negotiated ”The Meadows” behind closed doors and presented it to Sierra Madre residents as a done deal as Covid lockdowns went into effect. Little of significance about the project has changed.   We will continue to fight any development in the future that does not adhere to our Sierra Madre General Plan and zoning rules. But first we must defeat “The Meadows” by Voting NO.

More questions?

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Preserve Sierra Madre and Protect Sierra Madre coalition agree: Vote No on Measure M!

Do you stand with Sierra Madre, or with the Santa Monica developer (New Urban West)?

Stop overdevelopment.

Stand with Sierra Madre: Vote No on Measure M.

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